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"Air trap" model - Tank without membrane

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"Air trap" model - Tank without membrane

The "Air trap" tank is a hydropneumatic accumulator without membrane, installed on water networks.

It is used to provide anti-water hammer protection (damping of water hammer in transient conditions).

Like any water hammer, the "Air trap" tank must avoid any cavitation in the pipe when pumping stops, and limit the overpressure resulting from the residual water hammer, to an acceptable value.

When the pumping stops, in the vacuum phase, the tank operates in hydropneumatic until its complete emptying. Then the suction cup opens, the tank is then at atmospheric pressure, air enters and replenishes the tank. During the overpressure phase, when the liquid stream returns to pumping, the air is expelled by exceeding it by the suction cup which remains open, then closing of the latter on arrival of the water, and compression of the volume d air contained in the tank.

The "Air trap" water hammer tank consists of:
- an air compression tank,
- a triple function suction cup,
- a connection kit (piping, flange mounting for the suction cup-tank connection).

  • Fonctionnement du piège à air (pdf, 340.02 KB)
  • Informations nécessaires au calcul d'un réservoir anti-bélier (pdf, 129.79 KB)

Fiches techniques

Capacité (en litres)

Pression (en bar)




50 à 500



DN50 à DN150

2050-D-AF (173,85 ko)

750 à 2000



DN50 à DN150

2055-C-AF (209,33 ko)

Pour tout autre capacité, pression, dimension de sortie, nous consulter.

Fiches techniques PAA sans membrane

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