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Industrial range

In any pressure delivery, stopping pumping, closing a valve, closing a valve... causes a water hammer. To overcome this phenomenon, Le Réservoir Massal offers you its full range of tanks adapted to each situation.

Water hammer definition

Water hammer is a hydraulic phenomenon caused by the modification of the flow regime of a fluid inside a pipe. This phenomenon is all the more important as the modification of the flow regime is abrupt.

It results in a characteristic noise, but above all in a variation of the pressures which can go from vacuum (cavitation) to a significant overpressure, which can cause considerable damage both to the delivery line (internal erosion, rupture), and to the organs hydraulics in place (pump, valve, valve, seal ...).

To avoid, or at least limit this phenomenon to acceptable values, it is essential to calculate and set up a protection system.

Hydraulic anti-ram study

The Réservoir Massal has powerful "anti-ram" calculation software and makes available to its customers the services of its hydraulic design office to define the protection (s) to be put in place, in order to protect a network, or a discharge line.

The "Hydropan" and "Hydrophore" tanks can also be used as a control tank for one or more pumps, in pressure maintenance for distribution with variable speed pumps or on a fire network for example, or for any other application where it is necessary to bring flexibility to a water distribution network.

  • Informations nécessaires au calcul d'un réservoir anti-bélier (pdf, 129.79 KB)
  • Informations nécessaires au calcul d'un réservoir de régulation (pdf, 102.24 KB)