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Pressurized air

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Pressurized air

Compressed air is a universal energy for industry and crafts. However, its use requires eliminating the pollutants it contains (dust, water, oil ...).

The presence of a compressed air treatment system is therefore essential to avoid costly production stoppages and to use pneumatic tools in the best conditions.

In the compressed air treatment cycle, tanks have 2 essential functions :

Storage function
Balances the variations in compressed air consumption, reduces the compressor on / off cycles and, if necessary, the regulation pressure difference (1 bar more increases energy costs by 6 to 10%).

Cooling function
The compressed air cools on contact with the walls of the tank. This phenomenon participates in the purification cycle because part of the condensates (40 to 60%) precipitates and accumulates at the bottom of the tank to be then evacuated by the purge.

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions AC 10Bar (pdf, 511.13 KB)
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