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Primary "Buffer" range

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Primary "Buffer" range

It is a hot water tank intended to temporarily confine and store, for heating needs.

A buffer tank is also called a storage tank.

The storage tank can be heated directly by an electrical resistance or by a primary circuit of heat transfer fluid.

The buffer tank ensures the inertia of a hot water heating circuit to avoid temperature variations, and thus create the storage interface between production and demand.

The equipment of a buffer tank on your heating installation will be more expensive, but even more efficient: it ensures optimal operation of the wood boiler at all seasons, it eliminates the headache of the correct sizing of the boiler and increases its yield.

In air conditioning, the buffer tank makes it possible to smooth the cold trains produced by the compressor units and thus ensures a buffer capacity giving inertia to the production of chilled water.

We offer you :

TAMPON avec jaquette

"Buffer" steel with 20 mm dust jacket factory fitted        

- Maximum admissible temperature 90 ° C
- Resistor, optional Magnesium Anode

TAMPON grosse capacité

"Buffer" steel with large capacity, 50 mm jacket to mount

- Maximum admissible temperature 90 ° C
- Resistor, optional Magnesium Anode

  • Dimensions Tampon Primaire 50 à 300Litres (pdf, 800.83 KB)
  • Dimensions Tampon Primaire 500 à 2000Litres (pdf, 500.31 KB)

In order to increase the life of the tank or its equipment, we strongly recommend the installation of a Magnesium Anode (optional: consult us).

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