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DHW "Buffer" range

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DHW "Buffer" range

It is a hot water tank intended to temporarily confine and store this water for the supply of domestic hot water. A buffer tank is also called a storage tank.

The storage tank can be heated directly by an electrical resistance or by a primary circuit of heat transfer fluid. The buffer tank ensures the inertia of a hot water heating circuit to avoid temperature variations, and thus create the storage interface between production and demand.

We offer two models of DHW storage "Buffer" tanks :

Tampon Ciliroc


Vertical position only
- Finish: interior / exterior galvanization, interior in cement and resin
- Maximum admissible temperature 70 ° C
- Resistor, optional Magnesium Anode

Tampon Inox

 "Buffer" inox

- Finish: all stainless steel (Duplex 2205)
- Maximum admissible temperature 90 ° C
- Resistor, optional Magnesium Anode



  • Dimensions Tampon E.C.S 50 à 1000 litres (pdf, 926.32 KB)
  • Dimensions Tampon E.C.S INOX 100 à 300 litres (pdf, 396.09 KB)

These two ranges can be delivered with dust jacket and wall console fitted at the factory.
Save time on a construction site and the tank remains clean until it is installed.


Hawaï Ciliroc

The Hawaii Ciliroc Stamp                                     

Hawaï Inox

The Hawaii stainless steel stamp         


In order to increase the life of the tank or its equipment, we strongly recommend the installation of a Magnesium Anode (optional: consult us).

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